"GFantasy" Characters Form Supernatural Manga Super-Group "Ayaka6"

"Mysterious inhuman unit" includes characters from "Black Butler", "Cuticle Detective Inaba", and more


A new promotion re-imagines 6 ghoulish characters from various manga published in Square Enix's GFantasy anthology magazine as a boy's idol group. The line up of Ayaka6 (a pun combining "ayakashi" - a type of Japanese ghost - with the number six) includes:


  • Cyan, a monster from Shinigami to Gin no Kishi ("The Grim Reaper and An Argent Cavalier").
  • Sano Mikoto, a hoodoo from Youkai Gakkou no Sensei Hajimemashita! ("I Began as a Teacher at Youkai School").
  • Valentino, a goat from Cuticle Detective Inaba.
  • Sebastian Michaelis, a devil from Black Butler.
  • Hanako-kun, a ghost from Jibaku Shonen Hanako-kun ("Ghost Boy Hanako-kun").
  • And Karasu, a specter-half from Youkai Nii-san ("Youkai Elder Brother").



The members of Ayaka6 will be featured on various character goods such as acrylic stands, stainless steel water bottles, tote bags, can badges, and bromide mini-posters which will be given away as prizes. Additionally, a special issue of GFantasy published in Japan in June of 2016 will feature character interviews with the members of the "mysterious inhuman unit".


Source: Comic Natalie


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