New Volume Of "Hayate The Combat Butler" Is So Exciting, Pants Can't Stay On!

Second set of "See a Private Place" heat-reveal cards features Nagi, Sensakura and Sakuya

Last fall, volume 46 of Kenjiro Hata's Hayate the Combat Butler offered a very-fanservicey bonus. Tthe limited edition featured a set of "See a Private Place" heat-reveal cards where special regions Athena, Hinagiku and Izumi were revealed by a temperature change from body heat or warm water. On May 18th, volume 48 (featuring chapters 514-524 and a school trip arc) is being released, and that bonus returns for a second set. This time, Nagi, Chiharu, and Sakuya are the subjects. 


They're water proof, so the ability to bathe with them is called out as a bonus feature.



Author Kenjiro Hata got into the spirit on Twitter



Volume cover


Limited edition bonus


Cards for participating bookstores



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