"Love Live! Sunshine" Mini-Unit AZALEA's First Single Previewed

This, let's say, "less exciting" mini-unit perform the next single "Torikoriko PLEASE!!," out May 25th with B-side "Tokimeki Bunruigaku"

Splitting up the Aqours new squad of school idols, Love Live! Sunshine!! has CYaRon, the extra-cute mini-unit. And, there's Guilt Kiss, the more mature mini-unit with the Japanese-Italian-American industrial metal fan, the chuunibyou girl, and the panicky Akihabara transfer student. Then, there's AZALEA, name for the flower signifying modesty and featuring the placid nature lover, the bookish temple girl, and responsible student council president. This, let's say, "less exciting" mini-unit perform the next single "Torikoriko PLEASE!!," out May 25th with B-side "Tokimeki Bunruigaku." 





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