"Dotto Koi" Free Romance Game Will Have You Seeing Spots

Dating sim for Windows and Macintosh allows you to woo pixel art girls


Dotto Koi, a free dating sim game created by Roko Kurojo, gives players the opportunities to explore an 8-bit romance on Windows or Macintosh. In the game, players control a student who shortly after attending his high school entrance ceremony is struck by a terrible curse that causes him to perceive all the pretty girls in his school as low-rez pixel art.




By developing relationships with the pixel-girls, the hero can increase the resolution and eventually break the curse. Dotto Koi has 4 possible partners to pursue plus a hidden secret option. The game is descibed as being low difficulty, and a single playthrough should last about 1 hour.



Dotto Koi is available as a free download from the official Dotto Koi home page here. (Please note that the game is in Japanese.)



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Official Dotto Koi home page


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