Sentai Filmworks "Hakuoki" and "Den-Noh Coil" English Dub Casts Listed

Releases scheduled for June

English dub casts have been attached to a pair of June genre releases from Sentai Filmworks, with the who's who for history otome game inspired Hakuoki – Theatrical Version, Chapter 1: Wild Dance Of Kyoto and the the highly regarded, never before licensed for North America, 2007 sci-fi Den-Noh Coil (technically from Maiden Japan, but likewise distributed by Section23).





There’s a war going on in ancient Kyoto. A war fought in shadows, between the forces of the Shogunate’s armed enforcers, the Shinsengumi, and the vampire-like Ronin warriors known as the Rasetsu or Furies.  And trapped in the middle is a young woman disguised as a man.  Seeking her missing father, Chizuru Yukimura comes to Kyoto only to find her fate forever intertwined with the destinies of Shinsengumi Vice commander Toshizo Hijikata and his elite force of swordsmen.  Because Chizuru’s father has created a secret elixir that enhances the user’s strength, speed and healing, and the furies will do anything and kill anyone in order to control that power!  Historical fact and nightmarish fiction combine as the world of the hit series HAKUOKI returns in a stunning new epic feature film: HAKUOKI: WILD DANCE OF KYOTO!

Genres: Action & Adventure Romance Shoujo

Rating: TV-14 [V]


DVD | Blu-Ray



Christopher Ayres

ADR Script:

George Manley



Chizuru Yukimura

Brittany Karbowski

Toshizo Hijikata

Andrew Love

Soji Okita

Blake Shepard

Hajime Saito

Leraldo Anzaldua

Heisuke Todo

Greg Ayres

Sanosuke Harada

Phil Hyde

Shinpachi Nagakura

Scott Gibbs

Isami Kondo

David Wald

Keisuke Sannan

David Matranga

Genzaburo Inoue

Rutherford Cravens

Susumu Yamazaki

Cameron Bautsch

Kai Shimada

George Manley

Kashitaro Ito

Clint Bickham

Chikage Kazama

Corey Hartzog

Kyuju Amagiri

Steven Fenley

Kyo Shiranui

Houston Hayes

Kodo Yukimura

Mark X Laskowski

Kaoru Nagumo

Shannon Emerick


Additional Voices

Christopher Ayres


Cameron Bautsch


Clint Bickham


Shannon Emerick,


Tyler Galindo


Ned Gayle


Adam Gibbs


Houston Hayes


Bryan Kaplun


George Manley


Joel McCray


Margaret McDonald


Stephen E. Moellering


Rob Mungle


Shannon Reed


Gabriel Regojo


John Swasey


Allen Titel


Gareth West


Title:                 DEN-NOH COIL COLLECTION 1

Published by:    Maiden Japan

Distributed by:  Section23 Films

Run Time:         325 min.

Street Date:      6/28/2016

Format:             BD, DVD

Language:         English & Japanese with English Subtitles

SRP:                $69.98, $59.98


SYNOPSIS:  Yuko "Yasako" Okonogi and her little sister Kyoko can't remember a time when they weren't looking at the world through their digitally augmented glasses.   After all, e-space, a series of world-wide overlays of images and information, is where their virtual dog Densuke lives, and like many kids, the girls rarely take their glasses off.  But when their family moves to Daikoku City, the e-space suddenly seems different.  Yasako's new classmates are involved in hacking, and the urban legends about dangerous entities hidden in the programming become much more believable when she learns that one of their friends may have died chasing one.  Scariest of all, Yasako has missing memories from the last time she was in Daikoku City.  Did something happen to her?  And did it happen in our world or one that shouldn't even exist?  To find out, she'll have to take a journey through the digital looking glass and learn the shocking secrets of DEN-NOH COIL!


Director : Matt Greenfield

ADR Scripts: Tiffany Grant

  • Hilary Haag as Yasako
  • Brittney Karbowski as Fumie
  • Monica Rial as Isako
  • Kira Vincent-Davis as Kyoko
  • Tiffany Grant as Densuke
  • Tiffany Grant as Daichi
  • Laura Chapman as Specsgranny
  • Kelly Manison as Yasako’s mother

Additional voices:

  • Tiffany Grant
  • John Gremillion
  • Allison Sumrall


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