"Katawa Shoujo" And "Valkyria Chronicles" Artist RAITA Redesigns Legendary Shuten-dōji For "Fate/Grand Order"

Among the fans of this take on Shuten-doji is "Tokyo Ghoul" author Sui Ishida!

Oni chief Shuten-dōji is one the biggies of Japanese mythology. According to one of his origin stories, he was a "pretty boy," who spurned all female admirers, until, while burning their love letters, he was confused by the females and became a monstrous oni. Well, Shuten-dōji certainly kept their prettiness for their introduction to smartphone RPG Fate/Grand Order, with designs by ero material and Valkyria Chronicles artist (also the creator of what became the basis for remarkable visual novel Kawata Shoujo) Raita Honjou.


5★ Assassin Shuten-dōji  joins the game for Restless Drunk Demons Capital - Rashomon. Rynning May 31-June 15, the event takes place in Japanese Heian Period with Master uniting to defeat Ibaraki Doji.



Ibaraki-douji is also being featured as a Berserker







5★ Berserker Sakata Kintoki designed for Fate/Apocrypha and previously featured in Fate/complete material IV Extra material.- voiced by Kōji Yusa, illustrated by Raita Honjou.


Craft Essences include

Legend of Mahavairocana - illustrated  by Mineji Sakamoto, featuring Ushiwakamaru


Golden Carp Figure - illustreated by ReDrop - featuring Sakata Kintoki and Orion


Fox's Night Dream - illustrated by Kou Mashiro


A Verse of Burning Love Story - illustrated by Soga Makoto, featuring Kiyohime.

Reading The Subscription List, featuring Musashibou Benkei



Finally, among the fans of this take on Shuten-doji is Tokyo Ghoul author Sui Ishida!



 via Type-Moon Wiki Fate/Grand Order Wiki, Fate/Grand Order Cirnopedia and Grand Order Reddit


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