Ayumu Murase Voices Six Characters in TV Anime "Bananya"

Gathering (Keroro, Gundam-san)-produced short series will premiere on July 4

It is officially confirmed today that 27-year-old anime voice actor Ayumu Murase will join the upcoming TV anime Bananya to voice (at least) six characters: Bananyako (main heroine), Torabananya (Bananya's self-proclaimed rival), Sabatorabananya (Torabananya's younger brother), Baby Bananya, Tabananya (Bananya's younger brothers), and Nezumi (rats). He is best known as Shoyo Hinata in the Haikyu!! anime franchise.


The anime has already cast Yuki Kaji (Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan) as the title role Bananya, Kurobananya (who comes from Europe), Kenagabananya (good-looking bananya with long hair), Oyajibananya (the oldest bananya) and Mikebananya (Bananya's neighbor), and 68-year-old manga artist Yoshikazu Ebisu as the narrator. 


The five-minute short series featuring strange cats hiding in bananas is animated by Gathering (Keroro,

Gundam-san) in cooperation with TMS Entertainment (Detective Conan), and directed by Kyo Yadate

(Puchimas! Petit Idolmaster key animatior). It is set to premiere on TV Saitama on July 4, then on Sun

TV five days later. 



New Main Visual


Ayumu Murase and Torabananya





 Source: press release


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