Fans Pick Their Top 5 Actors Who They'd Like To See Play Luffy from "One Piece"

Imagining a live-action film adaptation, some 2807 fans weighed on who they would cast in the lead role

With a live-action film adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist on the way, Japanese fans have taken to speculating about what other manga / anime properties they'd like to see adapted, and who they'd like to see in the starring roles.



A recent poll of Goo Ranking asked fans who they would like to see starring as Luffy D. Monkey if Eiichiro Oda's popular manga and TV anime One Piece were to receive a live-action adaptation. The poll ran from April 30 until May 14, 2015, and some 2807 fans in total responded.


The Top 5 results are as follows:



05.) Ryunosuke Kamiki (TOO YOUNG TO DIE!) - 120 votes.



04.) Kenta Suga (Ao Oni) - 132 votes.



03.) Shingo Katori (Sukiyaki Western Django) - 145 votes.



02.) Masaki Suda (Drowning Love) - 335 votes.


01.) Masataka Kubota (Thirteen Assassins) - 435 votes.


Kubota beat out the nearest competitor by a solid 100 votes, perhaps because he looks good in a round hat. Of course, since there are no plans currently announced for any sort of live-action One Piece film adaptation, winning the poll is only good for bragging rights.


Source: Goo Ranking


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