Takahiro Sakurai Lends his Voice to "Koe Koi" Live-Action TV Drama

Series adapts manga by Doruru about a high school girl falling in love with a student with a paper bag on his head

Koe Koi ("Voice Love"), a digital manga by Doruru that runs on the comico app about a high school girl falling in love with a boy whose face she's never seen, is being adapted into a live-action TV drama that will run late-nights on TV Tokyo beginning in July, and Takahiro Sakurai will voice one of the main characters.



In the Koe Koi TV series, actress Mei Nagano plays first year high school student Yuiko Yoshioka. Yuiko catches a cold before the entrance ceremony and is forced to stay home in bed. While she's recuperating, Yuiko receives a phone call offering her get-well-soon wishes and encouragement from the class representative, Matsubara (voiced by Takahiro Sakurai).



Yuiko is instantly smitten by Matsubara's gentle voice, but when she recovers and attends class later, she discovers Matsubara wears a paper bag over his head for some unknown reason.



Koe Koi will run on TV Tokyo beginning in July of 2016. The show will air each week during the Friday "late-night" 00:52 time slot, which is actually an "early-morning" time slot on Saturday at 12:52 AM JST.

Koe Koi is directed by Katsutoshi Hirabayashi, Hiroaki Yuasa, and Naoyuki Miura. The series also stars Ryo Ryusei as Makato Hyodo, the serious-minded student council president who develops a crush on Yuiko.




Offiical Koe Koi TV drama home page



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