Viz Media Making Changes for Improved "Sailor Moon" Home Video Releases

Viz Media addressing complaints from first two Sailor Moon home video releases for future release of Sailor Moon S

After being flooded with image quality complaints following the first two major home video releases for the original Sailor Moon anime adaptation, it seems that Viz Media has taken the complaints to heart, judging by the conversation on its official Sailor Moon Twitter account shortly after its Sailor Moon panel held at Anime Central last month. The below response to a fan was in regards to the extended timeframe in releasing Sailor Moon S on home video compared to the previous release in Sailor Moon R



To what extent the production process will be changed isn't known yet, but since the response was made public by the RACS Newsletter last Friday, expectations are running high for more consistent and improved video quality, which was a major point of contention with the home video release of the first two seasons of the series. Here's hoping the extra time taken on the home video release for S will mean an improved overall product.

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