TV Anime "Anne Happy" Four Character Songs Previewed

First DVD/Blu-ray will be released on June 22

Avex has posted two preview videos for four character songs from the ongoing TV anime adaptation of Cotoji's school comedy manga series Anne-Happy, performed by Anne Hanakoizumi (CV: Yumiri Hanamori), Ruri Hibarigaoka (Haruka Shiraishi), Botan Kumegawa (Kiyono Yasuno), and Timothy (Chitose Morinaga). The first CD single of the Hanako and Hibari songs will be released on June 22, then the second CD will follow one week later. 


The TV anime Anne-Happy is now available to Crunchyroll Members worldwide excluding Asia.



"Naru Maru Maaru" by Anne Hanakoizumi (Yumiri Hanamori)

"Kami Hikouki Kaze ni Natta" (A Paper Plane Becomes The Wind) by Ruri Hibarigaoka (Haruka Shiraishi) 




"Supplinal" by Botan Kumegawa (Kiyono Yasuno)

"Michi no Timothy Kimi no Kimochi" (Unknown Timothy and Your Feeling) by Timothy (Chitose Morinaga)




The DVD/Blu-ray1st volume including the first two episodes will be released on June 22.


Hanako ver. CM


Hibari ver. 


Hibiki ver.


Blu-ray jacket illustration


Blu-ray set


via: TV anime "Anne-Happy" official Twitter


© Cotoji, Houbunsha/"Anne-Happy Production Committee 


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