Online Rumors Swirl Around Purported Live-Action "Gintama" Film

Anonymous sources claim actor Shun Oguri will start in a movie scheduled for release in 2018

Following rapidly on the heels of rumors of a live-action film adaptation of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the latest Weekly Shōnen Jump manga / TV anime to receive a translation from the comic panel / TV tube to the silver screen is Gintama, or at least that's what anonymous sources on the Internet would have you believe.


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Japanese fan site Otapol is reporting that (according to unnamed official sources close to the production), a live-action Gintama film starring actor Shun Oguri (who starred in the 2016 live-action TerraFormars film and the 2014 live-action Lupin III film) as Gintoki Sakata is currently in the works. The project is allegedly shooting for a release date in 2018.


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Like most rumors related to live-action adaptations in general and Gintama in particular, I'd take this one with a boulder-sized grain of salt until more concrete information can be obtained.


Source: Otapol via Yaraon!


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