Pikachu Gets Wet at Annual "Pikachu Outbreak" in Yokohama

Week long event in August will see 1000 Electric Type Pokémon rampaging throughout the Minato Mirai district


Another year, another mass outbreak of Electric Type Pokémon: the "Pikachu Outbreak" is once again returning to besiege Yokohama in August of 2016, and this time (inexplicably) the annual celebrations will include a water theme.


Above: An official video advertising the dance-themed 2015 "Pikachu Outbreak".


Similar to earlier outbreaks in 2014 and 2015, the festivities will include 1000 costumed Pikachu performers participating in dances, parades, and stage-shows. Since this year's outbreak is water-themed, there will also be a new attraction in the form of a "Soaking Wet Splash Show".



The "Pikachu Tairyō Hassei-Chū! ~ Kondo wa Nurerun Datte???" ("Pikachu Outbreak - This Time We're Getting Wet???") event will run from August 07 through August 14, 2016, at various venues through the Minato Mirai business district in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.



Cinema Today

Official Pokémon website (Japanese)


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