These Japanese "Ghostbusters" Treats Look So Delicious It's Spooky

Would you want to eat a "Ghostbusters"-inspired burger?

If you need some grub in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? J.S. Burgers Cafe in Tokyo, for a set of some decadent-looking burgers based on the Ghostbusters film franchise. 


There are four different treats in all, including one with a black bun, a Slimer smoothie, Black Chili Chips, and the Marshmallow Mad Burger for dessert, which looks like it might be the most terrifying for your body but a party for your taste buds.


Check out the tantalizing treats below, and if you're in the neighborhood you might want to stop by and give them a try! Make sure to eat a couple for all of us at Crunchyroll too.




[via A.V. Club]


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