Crunchyroll Announces "Taboo Tattoo" Simulcast Plans

Look forward to this adaption of Shinjirō's martial arts series worldwide, in territories excluding Asia, starting July 4th at 11:35 AM PT

Crunchyroll have announced their plans for summer's Taboo Tattoo simulcast. Look forward to this adaption of Shinjirō's martial arts series worldwide, in territories excluding Asia, starting July 4th at 11:35 AM PT. 





"Tattoos" - ancient weapons that drastically enhance the physical abilities of their users, known as the "Sealed," allowing them to bring forth supernatural phenomena when activated through the charging of the user's own unique "trigger."


When Justice Akatsuka (a.k.a. "Seigi") saves a man from some street punks, the man gives him a strange stone as a token of gratitude. The moment Seigi accepts it, a mysterious tattoo appears on his palm.


"Where did you get that tattoo?"

On his way home from school the next day, Seigi is suddenly attacked by "Izzy," a girl wearing a coat despite the warm weather. He fights back with the jiujitsu that his grandfather taught him, but Izzy's power overwhelms him, leaving his very life in danger...


And so the battle begins, framed by a web of conspiracies and centering around Justice Akatsuka, the boy who obtained a "tattoo" by complete chance.





  • Original Work: Shinjirō (serialized in Monthly Comic Alive published by Media Factory)
  • Director: Takashi Watanabe (SlayersShakugan no Shana, Heavy Object)
  • Series composition & screenplay: Mayori Sekijima, Masateru Ohtake (from Seven Days War)
  • Character design: Shinya Hasegawa (Golden TimeOtome Yokai Zakuro)
  • Animation production: J.C. Staff (Food Wars! Shokugeki no SomaLittle Busters!)
Principal cast includes


Makoto Furukawa as Justice Akatsuka, aka "Seigi". Seigi has a strong sense of justice and ends up receiving a mysterious, cursed brand on the palm of his hand after rescuing a homeless man. Seigi has trained in the Akatsuka-style of jujitsu since childhood under the supervision of his enthusiastic grandfather.



Mikako Komatsu as Bluesy=Fluesy, aka "Izzy", a mysterious girl who appears before Seigi. Izzy has overwhelming physical power.



And Chika Anzai as Touko Ichinose, aka "Touko", Seigi's classmate and childhood friend.




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