Sekai Project Announces "World End Economica" for PS4/Vita & More Visual Novel Licenses

Publisher reveals a bunch of new plans at Anime Expo

Sekai Project took the opportunity to announce a bunch of new licenses at its Anime Expo panel over the weekend, including plans to bring Spice and Wolf creator's World End Economica to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in 2017. The console and portable release will include all three chapters combined into one package, and will be available digitally on PSN and in a limited physical release.


Those who backed the World End Economica Kickstarter will get early access to pre-orders.




Set in the far future on the moon, a mere 16 years after humans have begun to colonize it, a young boy named Haru has been chasing his wildest dream – a dream to stand where no man has stood before. But in order to do so he needs capital, a ludicrous amount of capital! What better place to seek out and raise that capital than the stock market? However, there are two key rules that govern the stock market:


The first rule: Never take a loss.

The second rule: Never forget the first.


Only those who follow these rules are able to obtain enormous wealth....


Next up is visual novel/cyberpunk action-RPG duology Baldr Sky Dive1 "Lost Memory" and Baldr Sky Dive2 "Recodare," both of which will be coming to Steam in the west. 






In an alternate future where Nanomachines have helped shape a new world and humanity has embedded “always-on” access to the Internet, a virtual war is waged online. Using the aid of Nanomachines, a young boy by the name of Kou Kadokura seeks to restore his memory and avenge the death of his girlfriend, Sora, whose life was taken from her during the tragedy known as “Gray Christmas.” With a deep, story-driven narrative and the opportunity to pilot, upgrade, and modify their simulacrum (mechs), players will take to the virtual battlefield in top-down battles against virus-infected simulacrum.


Developer IlluCalab's A Magical High School Girl is coming to iOS and PC later this summer.




Scheduled for release later this summer on iOS and PC from illuCalab, A Magical High School Girl is an enchanting magic-crafting role playing game with real time battles. Limited only by the imagination and creativity of the player, craft and create magical spells using almost any word or word combination to fend off a wide range of spirits, monsters, and fiends. Specific keywords will determine the power, element and various other parameters of the spell. Get crafty!


Palette's SakuSaku is coming to Steam soon.




A tale about Yuma, a second-year student at Mihaya Academy who has heard more than a lifetime’s worth of gossip, romance, and love-related troubles. And as much as Yuma would like to roll his eyes and toss his head back in exasperation, he has no one to blame but himself. By offering up a listening ear and providing personal advice to the girls in his school his interest in love has reached an all-time low. However, could a mysterious girl who believes in the power of love, but has actually never been able to fall in love, get Yuma’s heart beating once again?


Shining Song Starnova, an idol-themed visual novel developed by Love in Space, is on the way.




Bonus voice actress interviews: 


Players will assume the role of Mr. Producer, who takes seven imperfect talents under his wing at Shining Productions. When the girls debut as the idol group STARNOVA, the task of lifting these starlets to fame rests solely on the shoulders of Mr. Producer. As they face various trials and hardships, the aspiring idols soon discover that the industry is nowhere near as perfect as it is portrayed by media.


This is the story of STARNOVA’s trials, their laughs, and their tears, as the seven girls walk the thorny path to stardom...


A star's death is only rebirth.


SMILE's Boku to Koisuru Ponkotsu Akuma is coming soon exclusively to




From SMILE, featuring the vibrant and lovable artwork of Sayori, the creator of everyone’s favorite catgirl comedy series, NEKOPARA, comes the hilarious nukige tale, Boku to Koisuru Ponkotsu Akuma.


After being kicked out and mistakenly placed into the school's special dormitory overrun by ponkotsu, or seemingly useless demons, Ren is by default assigned the task of supervising and watching over this group of misfits. But will Ren be able to survive his new job as teacher and mediator for these ponkotsu demons, or will he find himself succumbing to their every beck and call? Find out in Boku to Koisuru Ponkotsu Akuma, coming soon exclusively to


And then we have Japanese School Life, which was previously announced as Sekai Project's first original IP. Featuring bilingual in-game text, Japanese voice talent, and facts and tips that will help players better understand Japanese life and culture, Japanese School Life is being developed in-house under the new brand Code:jp. Sekai Project is currently aiming to release it this October. 



Sekai Project also plans to release two more visual novels from in-house studio Code:jp in 2017, including a "moe-action series set in America" and "a ghostly series that takes a deep look into Japanese mythology."


Finally, pre-orders are now open for Sekai Project and NEKO WORKs' NEKOPARA collectible trading figure sets, scheduled to ship in December. 




And… coming soon… 




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