"Student Council's Discretion" Makes A Return

Plans in the works include a new 144 page collection with previously unreleased short story

The September issue of Dragon Magazine, out July 17th, is announcing that Aoi Sekina and Kira Inugami's Student Council's Discretion or Seitokai no Ichizon is making a limited return. Plans in the works include a new 144 page collection with a previously unreleased short story. 


The 2008-2012, 10-volume series inspired a 2009 TV anime, then a 2012 net anime.


Crunchyroll describes the series:

 The private high school Hekiyo Gakuen selects its student council members by a special system; by pure “popularity vote.” As a result, “cute chicks” are selected as Council members. But is it truly appropriate to choose those who will take the Council’s important positions just by their popularity and looks? To resolve this problem, the “honor student system” is also adopted. A top student from each grade can participate in the Council.



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