"One Piece" Creator Comments On How Close Manga Is To Completion

Get ready for some Manga Math!

Get ready for some Manga Math! I was a couple credits away from a Regular Math minor, so, even if I haven't used any in years, this might be correct. One Piece started on July 19, 1997. (happy 19th anniversary!)


According to the new issue of promo newspaper Dai One Piece Shinbun, Eiichiro Oda has pinned the series at currently 65% complete. So, assuming that it's going at an approximately constant pace (which isn't consistent past comments, but bear with me), it's going to take another 13 years to wrap up the series, for a total of 32 years. So, if you started reading One Piece at age 13, you'll be 45 when it's over and you might have your own 13-year-old reading it.


Now, assuming you're not subject to the Otaku Expiration Date, how old will you be when the series wraps up?


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