"Hisashi Kagawa Toei Animation PreCure Works" Becomes Online Bookstore's Best-seller

5th illustration book by the PreCure character designers

According to the latest weekly sales report by online bookstore Mangaoh, the most pre-ordered new book of the week ended July 23 was "Kagawa Hisashi Toei Animation PreCure Works" that collected the 2009-2010 TV anime Fresh PreCure! character designer's PreCure-related illustrations.


It is the fifth book from Ichijinsha focusing on works by the PreCure designers, following Yoshihiko Umakoshi (2011, 2014/HeratCatch PreCure!), Toshie Kawamura (2014/Yes! PreCure 5, Yes! PreCure5 GoGo!, Smile PreCure!), Akira Takahashi (2015/Suite PreCure♪, Dokidoki PreCure!), and Akira Inagami (2016/Futari wa PreCure, Futari wa PreCure Max Heart).


The 135-page book includes all of the promotional arts for the 6th PreCure series, key art drawings, original and rough character design sketches, and his interview to review his professional career as an animator and character designer. 51-year-old Kagawa is now working on Toei Animation's 60th anniversary

TV anime Tiger Mask W as character designer.



Front cover illustration




Bonus illustration cards



Kagawa has been sending the autographed books to his family members and friends.



vai: Mantan Web


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