Shimada Fumikane And Kuuro Kuro Pay Tribute To "KanColle" Third Anniversary

Plus summer 2016 swimsuit art

We've now been living in the KanMusu era for three years, and the browser game that started it off has been celebrating with anniversary KanColle art. Kuuro Kuro with Akitsu Maru, Amagi, Junyou, Katsuragi, Maruyu and Natori, while Shimada Fumikane, also known for Strike Witches, shared his take on an anniversary Z3.





This month and last, the game has also launched new 2016 early and mid-summer swimsuit CG



 Mogami Class Heavy Cruiser Mikuma


Taigei Class Submarine Tender Taigei/Ryuuhou


Yamato Class Battleship Yamato


Kongou Class Fast Battleship Haruna Kai Ni


Seaplane Tender: Mizuho


 Fusou Class Battleship Fusou


Nagara Class Light Cruiser Isuzu


Yuugumo Class Destroyer Kazagumo


Yuugumo Class Destroyer Okinami


Fusou Class Battleship Yamashiro






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