Three More Composers Feel the Rhythm in "ClassicaLoid"

TV anime about comical classical composers is coming to NHK E in October of 2016


A trio of new cast members has been announced for ClassicaLoid, an upcoming TV anime comedy that re-imagines famous historical composers of classical music making trouble in the modern world. The new additions to the line-up include:



Taiten Kusunoki as Bach.



Aya Endo as Tchaikovsky.

And M・A・O as Bądarzewska.



The story of ClassicalLoid involves a small town that is trying to renew itself through music. One day, "ClassicaLoid" versions of Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart appear before a pair of local high school students and wield a strange force they call "musik", which causes unhelpful effects like summoning meteor showers and giant robots.


ClassicaLoid is directed by Yoichi Fujita (GintamaMr. Osomatsu) and features animation by Sunrise. The series is scheduled to debut on NHK E in October of 2016.




Official ClassicaLoid TV anime home page


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