"PaRappa the Rapper" Returns In New Anime Shorts

"PJ Berri no Mogumogu" to run on #Hi_Poul variety show starting in October

20 years after Japan first met a rapping dog named RaRappa, the two-decade anniversary of his PlayStation rhythm video game is being celebated with a new anime. However, it will be a series of shorts, and his eating and sleeping disorder afflicted buddy PJ Berri gets the title role.


Plans have been announced for PJ Berri no Mogumogu to be introduced next week, then run on variety show #Hi_Poul (home of the recently announced Alps no Shōjo Heidi? Chara Onji parody) starting in October.


An early anime ran 30 episodes on Fuji TV in 2001.


■ Title
PJ Berri no Mogumogu

■ broadcast information
Episode 1 (pilot): August 18, 2016 on Fuji TV's #Hi_Poul
Regular Broadcast: October on Fuji TV's #Hi_Poul


■ cast
PJ Berri: Jun Oosuka

Parappa: Yuuto Suzuki

Master Onion: Yohji Ueda 



■ Staff
Original Character Design: Rodney Alan Greenblat
Animation Production: Doga Kobo
Production Copyright: Fuji TV


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