"Fushigi Yugi" Author Honors 20th Anniversary Of Series Ending With (Hypothetical) Remake Designs - UPDATE

20 years ago this summer, the first Fushigi Yugi manga ended. The TV anime ended that in March of that year

20 years ago this summer, the first Fushigi Yugi manga ended. The TV anime ended in March of that year. So, time for a remake of the mid-90s hit fantasy shoujo series? Author Yuu Watase thought it would be fun to play around with the idea of a 2016 version of Mysterious Play, so, making it clear that fans shouldn't take it too seriously, she posted her designs.


She aimed to keep the essential qualities of the originals, with some tweaks (some changes to Hotohori's hair for example), and some a bit more substantial (a more HENTAI Tomo).



UPDATE - more have been added



Revisit the series' anime on Crunchyroll.

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