"Re:Zero" Casts Minami Takahashi And Kaito Ishikawa

Also, recently cast Fang of Iron captains include Fujii Yukiyo, Megmi Han and Kenji Nomura

Re:Zero episode 20, "Wilhelm van Astrea," offered a chance to cover some flashback material, and, in that, do a bit of casting. This included Kaito Ishikawa (One-Punch Man's Genos, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet's Ledo) as the young Wilhelm van Astrea and Minami Takahashi (Hi-sCool! Seha Girls' SaturnPlease Tell Me! Galko-chan's Ojou) as Thearesia. 



Same voice actor



Recently cast Fang of Iron captains include:

Fujii Yukiyo (Tetra in Log Horizon, Latifah Fleuranza in Amagi Brilliant Park and Hotaru Tomoe in Sailor Moon Crystal) as Mimi Pearlbaton

Megumi Han (Hunter x Hunter's Gon, Twin Star Exorcists' Benio Adashino) as Hetaro Pearlbaton

Kenji Nomura (Grapper Baki's Yujiro, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's Santana)



Speaking of character listings, a fake version of the anime sites' was so well recieved, light novel author Tappei Nagatsuki retweeted it


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