Live-Action Gintama Film Continues Proud Tradition of Kagura Puking

Actress Kanna Hashimoto shares on-set experience with Twitter

Many fans worry that the essential spirit of a manga or anime may be lost when adapted into a live-action medium, but according to actress Kanna Hashimoto, at least one element of the upcoming live-action Gintama film remains true to the source: Kagura projectile vomiting.



Hashimoto recently took to Twitter with the following tweet:




"I just finished a Kagura v*miting scene, and the director and Shinpachi both advised me to 'Puke like a merlion!'. -Kanna Hashimoto #It'sanicefeelingtobetoldtobelikeamerlionlol #gintamamovie"


For reference, this is the famous merlion statue in Merlion Park in Singapore:



Shine on, you crazy diamonds.


The live-action Gintama film is currently filming in Japan with the goal of 2017 theatrical release. The film is directed by Yuichi Fukuda and also stars Shun Oguri as Gintoki Sakata and Masaki Suda as Shinpachi Shimura.



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