New "Read Or Die" Anime Being Considered

After a decade, Hideyuki Kurata's R.O.D: Read or Die is back with a 12th light novel on August 25th

After a decade, Hideyuki Kurata's R.O.D: Read or Die is back with a 12th light novel on August 25th, and, an early look is indicating that Shueisha's Super Dash Bunko is hinting that the series might be returning to anime too. A "new anime project in development?!" notice on the cover raises the possibility, while also offering the caveat that it is under consideration, according to producer of the earlier TV anime and A-1 Pictures president Tomonori Ochikoshi..


The series was previously adapted into a 2001 OVA with a 2003 TV anime follow-up.


Crunchyroll describes the latter

From bulletproof dragons to lock-picks, a paper master manipulates paper to their will. In Hong Kong, three young paper masters, Anita, Maggie and Michelle, use their formidable skills to protect Nenene, an author targeted by a mad bomber. As their bodyguard duties take them to Tokyo, they will be educated on the dangers of literacy!







volume 12 launch event illustration cards



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