"Mitsudomoe" Author Returns To "Weekly Shōnen Champion" After Four Years With New Manga

Norio Sakura returns in September

Norio Sakurai's naughty schoolgirl manga Mitsudomoe ran in Weekly Shōnen Champion from 2006, with a hiatus from 2011 into 2012, before returning, then moving to Bessatsu Shōnen Champion that year. Now, she's back! August 25th's issue 39 announces the new, intensely "for now" series Rororro! will kick off in September 29th's issue 44.


The title, the "for now" bit of the short description, and its longer largely obscured synopsis about first year middle school girl Chitose Morishige meeting a new friend  all play with "ロ" placeholders. 

Shonen Champion assures readers it will make more sense when they get to check out the new work.

Champion cover

The latest volume of Mitsudomoe was released in June

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