"One Piece Film Gold" Moviegoers to Receive Illustration Card Drawn by Manga Author

13th One Piece feature film has earned 4.46 billion yen in four weeks

The highly anticipated 13th One Piece feature film, One Piece Film Gold was released in Japan on July 23 and has earned 4.46 billion yen from its four-week domestic run, becoming the third successful One Piece film so far, behind One Piece Film Z (2012/6.87 billion yen) and One Piece Film Strong World (2009/4.8 billion yen). To attract more audience to theaters in the end of its run, an illustration card newly drawn by the original manga creator Eiichiro Oda will be given to moviegoers from September 3. Autographs of the 15 voice cast are also printed on the back of the card. 


One Piece Film Gold made a #1 debut in its first weekend with 1.15 billion yen, but that's a huge 15% drop compared to the 1.37 billion yen opening for the last 12th One Piece Film Z released in December 2012. In its fifth weekend, Gold's box office ranking dropped to 7th from the previous week's 4th. Considering its current pace, it seems impossible for the film to reach the total box office record of Z, but still have a chance to be the second top-grossing film with the help of the card in coming weeks.




Official trailer with English subtitles 



Poster visual


Source: One Piece.com


© Eiichiro Oda/2016 "One Piece" Production Committee


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