TV Anime "Brave Witches" Set to Take Off on October 5

"Strike Witches Complete Blu-ray Box" will be available on February 24, 2017

The official website for Brave Witches, the upcoming third TV series from the Strike Witches anime franchise, today confirmed that it is set to premiere on Tokyo MX and other stations at 25:35 on October 5 (JST), and the first episode's advance screening event is scheduled to be held in Tokyo five days earlier, October 1. More information on other stations will be revealed on the site on September 9 with the synopsis for the first episode.



It is also announced that the new series' OP song "Ashita no Tsubasa" (Wings of Tomorrow) is

performed by 42-year-old singer Yoko Ishida. She has been working for the franchise since 2008,

perfroming the OP theme songs for the first two TV anime in 2008 and 2010, the 2012 feature film,

and the 2014-2015 OVA series Operation Victory Arrow. It will be released from Nippon Columbia

as her 23rd single on November 16.




2nd PV


Main Voice Cast:


 Hikari Karibuchi: Ai Kakuma (Isuzu Sento in Amagi Brilliant Park)

 Takami Karibuchi: Rie Suegara (Yui Komori in Diabolik Lovers)

 Naoe Kanno: Rie Murakawa (Hotaru Ichijo in Non Non Biyori)

 Nikka Edvardine Katajainen: Natsumi Takamori (Miku Maekawa in The [email protected] Cinderella Girls)

 Waltrud Krupinski: Kayo Ishida (Yui Watanabe in Vividred Operation)

 Alexsandra Ivanovna Pokryshkin: Yumi Hara (Takane Shijo in The [email protected])

 Georgette Lemare: Haruka Terui (Kobeni Yonomori in Engaged to the Unidentified)

 Sadako Shimohara: Marin Mizutani (female student in Sky Wizards Academy)

 Edytha Rossmann: Hiromi Igarashi (Anzu Futaba in The [email protected] Cinderella Girls)

 Gundula Rall: Rina Sato (Mikoto Misaka in A Certain Magical Index)



Main staff:

 Original Story: Humikane Shimada & Project World Witches

 Planning: Takeshi Kikuchi, Hironori Kudo

 Director/Character Designer: Kazuhiro Takamura

 Original Character Designer: Humikane Shimada

 Series Composition: Striker Unit

 Anime Production: Silver Link.

 Production: The 502nd Joint Fighter Wing Squadron 2016  



Meanwhile, "Strike Witches Complete Blu-ray Box" is set for a release at the price of 51,840 yen (about

500 US dollars) on February 24, 2017. The nine-disc set includes the first two TV series, the 2012 feature

film, and the 2014-2015 OVA series.



60-second CM


Source: "Brave Witches" official website


©2014 Fumikane Shimada,KADOKAWA/The 501st Joint Fighter Wing


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