"Bottle Fairy" and More Added to Daisuki's Online Streaming Catalog

"Nagasarete Airanto" and "Mama is just a Fourth grade pupil" also added to service's September line-up

Daisuki.net, an online streaming service published by the Anime Consortium Japan business venture, has recently been expanding the list of catalog titles available to members with paying subscriptions, and in September they are adding three new titles: Bottle FairyNagasarete Airanto, and Mama is just a Fourth grade pupil.



Bottle Fairy is a 2003 short-form TV anime with direction by Yoshiaki Iwasaki and animation by Studio Orphee and Xebec. The story follows a quartet of cute fairies as they play, study, and learn (often incorrect) lessons about the human world. 



Nagasarete Airanto is 2007 TV anime with direction by Hideki Okamoto and animation by feel. and Starchild. It is based on the manga by Takeshi Fujishiro that is serialized in Square Enix's Monthly Shōnen Gangan manga magazine. The story follows a ship-wrecked young man who finds himself trapped on an island inhabited only by women.



Mama is a just a Fourth grade pupil is a 1992 TV anime with direction by Shuji Iuchi and animation by Sunrise. The premise of the series involves a time-travel related accident that sends a young baby back in time. The baby is discovered and raised by Natsumi Mizuki, an elementary school student who is actually a younger version of the baby's mother from the future.


Source: Daisuki.net


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