Voice Actor Yuko Nagashima Calls Out Industry Ageism

46 year-old voice actress Yūko Nagashima look to Twitter with her perspective on the subject

Just because your face isn't on camera doesn't mean that the entertainment business and its followers aren't going to judge you on your age. Just look at anime's tendency to go young with its casting. Yūko Nagashima, a 46-year-old voice actress who had roles in the 90s like Magic Knight Rayearth's Caldina and Nadesico's Erina Won, plus more recently Hotaru's mom in Non Non Biyoru, game work like Dead or Alive's Tina Armstrong, and dubs for foreign media, notable in Sarah Jessica Parker roles like Sex and the City's Carrie, took to Twitter with her perspective on the subject.



Otaku USA translates

“Something I’ve been feeling recently: Lately on the net, people have been throwing around phrases like 'degradation' or 'old hag.' Especially aimed at women, even though getting older is something that happens to everyone. In Japan… especially in this industry.


In the past, a co-worker I used to date told me, 'you’re past your prime as a voice actress.' Not doing anime voice acting = past your prime? I don’t get it.”


via Otaku USA

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