"Musou☆Stars" Crossover Game Mixes in the "Atelier" Series and More

Omega Force's latest is coming to PS4 and PS Vita in Japan next year

If you can't get enough of the crowd-battling Musou games, Koei Tecmo announced a new crossover entry this week. MusouStars is exactly what it sounds like, bringing characters together from the Warriors series along with other Koei Tecmo properties. Some of those revealed thus far include Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, Kasumi from Dead or Alive, Ōka from Toukiden, Sophie from Atelier Sophie, Zhao Yun from Dynasty Warriors, Sanada Yukimura from Samurai Warriors, and Hajime Arima from Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time


MusouStars is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in 2017, and you can see some of the guest stars in action in the teaser below.




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