Saber Gets To Remain Standing While Wearing That White Dress For "Fate/stay night [UBW] " Figure

Fate/stay night fans will undoubtedly remember the white dress Saber wound up wearing in her encounter with Caster

Fate/stay night fans will undoubtedly remember the white dress that Saber wound up wearing in her encounter with Caster.  It also factors prominently in Takashi Takeuchi's box art for the second Blu-ray set of the Unlimited Blade Works anime. And, now it's getting the 3D treatment from Bellfine. This 20cm, 1/8 scale figure sculpted by i-con (Aiiro Sorairo) and painted by Emi Hoshina is on sale now for 15,120 yen ahead of a December release.



The product is described

Saber in a white dress, as in the illustration newly drawn by Takashi Takeuchi for the jacket of the TV anime "Fate/stay night: UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS" Blu-ray Disc Box II, is turned into a figure!

All details, such as the complex sculpture of the dress, the elegant line of the fluttering skirt, the elaborate engravings on the holy sword Excalibur, her waving ponytail and more, are minutely recreated by the sculptor i-con with utmost care!

Emi Hoshina's painting further helps to skillfully transform the original illustration into a figure. Be sure to keep Saber at your side and enjoy her dignified posture as she wields the holy sword wearing this white dress.


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