Happy Birthday To Emilia From "Re:ZERO!"

HBD TO EMT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite the weird bits about time in the Re:Zero fantasy world (explained in one of the shorts), many of its characters have official birthdays that map to our calendar. Subaru is April 1. Reinhard is January 1. Felt is August 8th. Ram is February 2. Rem is February 30 (kidding, it's February 2 also). Roswaal just had his on the 16th. And, September 23rd is Emilia's!


There's a new TV commercial telling fans to check in on EMT's adventures in the latest light novel...


Then, there's a Happy Birthday message from the anime...


Voice actress Rie Takahashi wishing Emilia a happy birthday


Manga artist Daichi Matsuse


Makoto Fuugetsu, artist on the other manga


The series' editor also recently joined Twitter, and posted...

 And from the fans...



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