Happy 20th Anniversary To "Sakura Wars!"

Hit game released for Saturn on September 27, 1996

Happy anniversary to Sakura Wars, Red Entertainment and Sega's alt-history, steam-tech/psychic girl, mecha, musical, tactical RPG/visual novel - the original, hit Sega Saturn version of which was released in Japan on September 27th, 1996. In an interesting quirk of travels of Japanese media to the west, the TV anime and OVA got licensed by ADV Films, the movie by Pioneer/Geneon (later Funimation) and manga by Tokyopop, but it wasn't until the fifth entry, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, in 2010 that the game series was released in English.


Still, with Kōsuke Fujishima's designs and that theme song by Chisa Yokoyama & The Teikoku Kagekidan, if you were a fan of anime in the late 90s you knew Sakura Wars.


The anniversary was celebrated with Line stamps


A Chain Chronicle collaboration


And plans for a Chisa Yokoyama concert



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