"Gundam" Novel Looks Past "Unicorn" - Mock Documentary Looks Back At One Year War

Ark Performance plans and designs new book

This month, Sunrise, makers of some of your favorite mecha anime (plus some school idol stuff you might have heard of), launched their own light novel imprint -  "Yatate Bunko", named after staff pseudonym Hajime Yatate. Now announced, they'll be using this to explore Gundam events occurring shortly after UC 0096's Laplace's Box Incident (Gundam Unicorn) in Mobile Suit Gundam: Twilight Axis. Ark Performance  (Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Gundam's Johnny Ridden stories) came up with the story and designs, Koujirou Nakamura (Arpeggio and Arslan anime) writes the book. 


In it, a pair with Zeon history (a weapons developer and a test pilot) living on Side 6 confront their pasts when they are recruited to join a civilian survey team sent by the expanding Earth Federation Forces to investigate the Axis remnants. 






Looking back into the original conflict from the original Gundam anime, incidents from the One Year War are revisited with some help from Peter Benda, a former Earth Federation Force [EFF] Engineer, and Rem Lalique, a former Zeon Force Engineer in new mock documentary GUNDAM Behind the Front.





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