Fans To Be Schooled By "Re:zeropedia" Book

Guide to be released on October 25th along with volume 10

The series twitter has announced that along with the October 24th release of Re:ZERO volume 10, Kadokawa will be releasing Re:zeropedia, a comprehensive, 272-page guide to the first three arcs of Tappei Nagatsuki's light novel series, plus supplementary character information and new short story Emilia's Maid Method / Main Mayonnaise Mayhem. Given the complex world, political and magic systems that the anime and its shorts hint at, this should be interesting.


The news came with the first art preview.



And, speaking of art previews, there was a look at some of the incentives for fans who bought the complete anime on home video.


Amazon book storage box

Animate acrylic plate

Gamers waterproof tapestry

Toranoana complete set storage box

Sofmap tapestry

WonderGOO banner


 Finally, a bonus English cover of the Re:Zero theme to go out on!



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