"Girlish Number" PV Highlights Special Opening Theme

Original cross-media project about the trials and tribulations of fledgling voice actresses debuts on October 07, 2016

A new preview video for Girlish Number, a cross-media project about aspiring voice actresses, is now available online, and it highlights the special opening theme for the 1st episode of the series.



The song previewed is entitled "Ketsui no Diamond" ("Diamond of Determination"), and it is performed by kohaluna, a fictional VA unit composed of Momoka Sonō (voiced by Eri Suzuki) and Kazuha Shibasaki (voiced by Saori Ōnishi). The regular OP for the series is entitled "Bloom", and it is performed by Girlish Number.



The Girlish Number multimedia project also includes a serial novel and a manga series, both of which are written by Wataru Watari and published by ASCII Media Works. The Girlish Number TV anime is directed by Shota Ibata and features animation by Diomedéa. The series debuts in Japan on October 07, 2016, and it will also be simulcast on Anime Network and Hulu.



Anime Network describes Girlish Number as follows:

No one wants to get stuck in a boring profession, so when college student Chitose Karasuma storms into a voice acting training facility, she thinks that her future is poised for awesomeness. However, this bad-mannered beauty is in for more than she bargained for as she gets accepted into the talent agency “Number One Produce.” Together with her coworkers, including a girl with a Kansai accent and a cunning airhead, Chitose charges into the competitive world of professional voice acting.


Source: MoCa


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