"Kiss Him, Not Me" Offers Karaoke / Cafe Events in Akihabara

Honey Toast Cafe and Karaoke Pasela will host fujoshi-friendly collaboration

Kiss Him, Not Me is teaming up with 2 locations in Akihabara with a collaboration campaign that includes both a special menu and a karaoke room decorated to suit the tastes of everyone's favorite fictional fujoshi from Junko's popular manga and TV anime.



For a limited time, Kiss Him, Not Me themed food and drink items will be offered at the Honey Toast Cafe, a sandwich shop and bakery located in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. Each special menu item also comes with 1 of 7 seven collectible coasters featuring Kae Serinuma and her friends.



Meanwhile, Karaoke Pasela - a karaoke bar and restaurant that is also located in Akihabara - will host a special karaoke room decorated with items guaranteed to stoke Kae's BL-lust, including unique posters of Shion from the fictional, show-within-a-show anime Mirage Saga that aren't available anywhere else



The Kiss Him, Not Me collaboration campaign runs from October 12 - November 14, 2016.



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