Tatsuya Fujiwara Also Comes Back as Light in New "Death Note" Film

Re-edited edition "The Counterattack of Genius" will be aired on October 28

Soon after the countdown on the official website for Death Note Light up the NEW world ended last night, a 30-second video message from Light Yagami/Kira portrayed by Tatsuya Fujwara was abruptly aired during the re-broadcasting of Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro on Nihon TV. Then three new 15-second CMs were posted on the web. 34-year-old Fujiwara played the protagonist character in the first two live-action films in 2006. 31-year-old Kenichi Matsuyama, who portrayed genius private detective L, has been also confirmed to make a brief appearance.


The Warner Brothers Japan-distributed film will open in Japan on October 29. And one day before the release, a re-edited edition of the previous films including newly shot footage that links to the new film, Death Note: Tensai no Gyakushu (The Counterattack of Genius), will be aired on Nihon TV.



Message from Kira (Horizontal)

Light says, "I am Kira. I entrust everything to you as the one who takes over my blood and will.

 Get a Death Note. Live on as Kira." 



Message from Kira (Vertical)



New 15-second CMs


"Kira is Alive" edition


"Panic" edition


"Justice" edition



Ryu-kun was watching last night's broadcast.









Full trailer 


Main poster visual



Source: "Death Note Light up the NEW world" official website, Twitter


© Tsugumi Ohba, takeshi Obata/Shueisha ©2016 "DEATH NOTE" FILM PARTNERS 


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