"Assassination Classroom" Compilation Film's New Visual Featuring Nagisa & Karma 7 Years Later

Original manga author Matsui supervises the screenplay

Following the first one showing their backs, the official website for the upcoming Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: 365 Nichi no Jikan/Assassination Classroom: The Time of 365 Days compilation film today updated with an another new key visual introducing Nagisa and Karma sitting in their old classroom seven years after the main story. It is also confirmed that the newly-produced episode to be added to the film will feature the meeting of the two at the schoolhouse one day before the reunion of the Class 3-E. 


With a parody short Koro Sensei Quest/Koro Teacher Quest set at the Kunugigaoka Magical School in a fantasy world, the compilation film of the 47-episode TV anime series will run at 27 theaters in Japan from November 19 for an unspecified limited time. The screenplay of the film including the new episode is written with full cooperation by the original manga author Yusei Matsui. And the theme song for the film is confirmed to be performed by Shion Miyawaki, who previously sang the ED and insert songs for the TV anime second season.





2nd teaser


1st teaser


Previous key visual



Flyer visual



Source: "Assassination Classroom" anime official website, Twitter


© Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, Anime "Assassination Classroom" Production Committee


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