Celebrate The 71st Birthday of The Great Norio Wakamoto With His Voice On Fairy Tales And Vladimir Putin Quotes

Super Kamishiba features Wakamoto, Hikari Midorikawa, Daisuke Ono and idol/tarento Akina Minami, music by 40mP and art by the legnedary Shigeru Mizuki

Happy 71st birthday to ever-distinctive voice actor Norio Wakamoto. Recently he's been heard as Vega/Bison in Street Fighter V, Guren in Ushio and Toraongoing roles like his parts in Sazae-san, a gum ad of all things, and a fun short published. 


This month, Nexus, a company behind entertainment facilities like pachinko halls, karaoke cafes, restaurants and fitness clubs, shared a Super Kamishibai (a type of picture show/paper theater popular before and shortly after World War II) rendition of the legend of Momotaro.  Wakamoto is joined by Hikari Midorikawa, Daisuke Ono and idol/tarento Akina Minami on the voices. Vocaloid notable 40mP provides the music the music. And, importantly, art is from the late, great, yokai manga legend Shigeru Mizuki.



Bonus, also from this month - Norio Wakamoto reads a fan's selection of the Top 5 Vladimir Putin quotes


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