Manga Artist Hiroyuki Shoji Killed in Bicycle Accident in Nara

He was found lying on a sidewalk with blood on Thursday night

The official website for Shueisha's Miracle Jump monthly magazine reported yesterday that manga artist Hiroyuki Shoji passed away on October 20, 2016. His latest work Zassou Kazoku has been serialized in the magazine since April of this year, and ends with the 7th chapter published in the current November issue. He was 46.


Around at 21:50 on October 20, a passenger found him lying on a sidewalk in Gose-city, Nara Prefecture, with blood from his face, then called the police immediately. His recumbent bicycle was also found nearby. The local police station of Takada soon learned he was Shoji from Moriguchi-city, Osaka Prefecture. He was confirmed dead at the hospital one hour later. The police found no major damage on his bicycle and sees a possibility that he fell down from the bicycle and hit his head hard during traveling. He told his family that he planned to go cycling to Wakayama Prefecture.


After winning various new face awards, he made his professional manga artist debut in 1996.


His notable works:


  • "The Life of Ichabod" (2000-2002/Kodansha, 3 volumes) 
  • "Kagefumi-san" (2007-2009/Gentosha, 3 volumes) 
  • "See You The Next Life" (2009-2011/Gentosha, 4 volumes)
  • "Gokko" (2010-2012/Shueisha, 3 volumes) 
  • "Poponepo The Crime King" (2011-2013/Shueisha, 4 volumes) 
  • "Meta Love" (2014-2015/Kodansha, 3 volumes)


"Poponepo The Crime King" and "Meta Love" 1st volumes


Source: Miracle Jump, Yomiuri


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