Egyptian Pantheon Runs Wild in "Kamigami no Ki" TV Anime

Short-form TV anime debuts on Fuji TV's "#Hi_Poul" variety show in November of 2016

A new short-form TV anime comedy that re-envisions the gods of ancient Egyptian as adorable mascot characters is coming to Fuji TV's #Hi_Poul variety show on November 24, 2016.



Set during 3000 BCE in the Nile region of Egypt, Kamigami no Ki ("Chronicles of the Gods") will depict the comical misadventures of Bastet, Anubis, Ra, and the mysterious ghost Mejedo as well as their caretakers, Iabi and Ahkeu.



The staff for Kamigami no Ki includes:


  • Director: Tommy Hino
  • Screenplay: Tommy Hino, KT
  • Character design: KT, KONATSU
  • Opening theme: "Kamigami o tataeru uta" ("Song to Honor the Gods") by Toshiyuki Morikawa
  • Animation production: Sotsu, Inc.
  • Development: Embrace Japan
  • Production: "Kamigami no Ki" Production Committee



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Official Kamigami no Ki TV anime home page


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