FEATURE: Crunchyroll's Most Popular Fall Anime by State!

Find out which new anime people in every part of the United States are watching!!

I love maps, but after more than a year of closely following election coverage here in the US, I'm sick of seeing my home country painted red, blue, or some other primary color nonsense. What I'd rather see on my map is anime, so I set out to answer some important questions!!
What are some of the biggest anime of the Fall Season?! Are your tastes in anime inspired by your geography? Is your favorite anime this season just as popular with your neighbors? To answer these and many more questions, we've created a map that highlights the most popular Fall Anime by state!
Crunchyroll Top New Fall Simulcasts by State
We thought it'd be fun to share a map of the United States with everyone here, only this map is filled in with the most popular new series in the state! This looks at what the most popular new Fall simulcast is by state, for the week ending Saturday, 10/22, and only new series, so perrenial favorites like Naruto and One Piece aren't included. I wonder what it'll look like by the end of the season!
The country's three biggest states all have different favorites: California loves Drifters most of all, but New York is ready for a round of Keijo!!!!!!! - while Texas is enamored by the WWII-inspired drama of Izetta: The Last Witch. Even with this, it's hard to tell what America's number #1 anime is for the season, but Drifters does seem to have the most states represented on the map! With more than 55 new anime in the running, only seven have made it to this stage, with Bungo Stray Dogs making a single appearance in Arkansas.
What do you think of the map? If you live in the States, is your favorite #1 where you live?! What anime should be on the map but aren't?? If you want to help change the map, make sure to watch your favorite anime and convince all of your friends to do the same!!
Let us know what you think!! We had fun making this infographic to share with everyone, and we want to do more things like this. We're interested in your ideas and thoughts ~
For those of you less familiar with the map of the United States, we've also listed the top anime of each state below:
State Favorite Anime
Alabama Drifters
Alaska Izetta: The Last Witch
Arizona Yuri!!! On ICE
Arkansas Bungo Stray Dogs
California Drifters
Colorado Drifters
Connecticut Keijo!!!!!!!!
Delaware Izetta: The Last Witch
District of Columbia Haikyu!!
Florida Drifters
Georgia Keijo!!!!!!!!
Hawaii Haikyu!!
Idaho Izetta: The Last Witch
Illinois Haikyu!!
Indiana Yuri!!! On ICE
Iowa Mobile Suit Gundam IBO
Kansas Yuri!!! On ICE
Kentucky Yuri!!! On ICE
Louisiana Drifters
Maine Drifters
Maryland Keijo!!!!!!!!
Massachusetts Keijo!!!!!!!!
Michigan Drifters
Minnesota Keijo!!!!!!!!
Mississippi Keijo!!!!!!!!
Missouri Keijo!!!!!!!!
Montana Izetta: The Last Witch
Nebraska Izetta: The Last Witch
Nevada Drifters
New Hampshire Drifters
New Jersey Drifters
New Mexico Yuri!!! On ICE
New York Keijo!!!!!!!!
North Carolina Drifters
North Dakota Mobile Suit Gundam IBO
Ohio Yuri!!! On ICE
Oklahoma Drifters
Oregon Yuri!!! On ICE
Pennsylvania Yuri!!! On ICE
Rhode Island Drifters
South Carolina Drifters
South Dakota Izetta: The Last Witch
Tennessee Drifters
Texas Izetta: The Last Witch
Utah Yuri!!! On ICE
Vermont Izetta: The Last Witch
Virginia Keijo!!!!!!!!
Washington Drifters
West Virginia Drifters
Wisconsin Yuri!!! On ICE
Wyoming Izetta: The Last Witch
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