"Yandere Simulator" Cameo in "Crush Crush"

Make Yandere-chan Fall in Love with You

Yandere Simulator is the perpetually-in-progress game that has gamers doing unspeakable things to win the heart of their senpai -- from burning bodies in the school furnace to learning dark magic. Now, players have a chance to win over the bloodthirsty Yandere-chan in Crush Crush!

Crush Crush is a free Steam dating sim where you win over cute anime girls by earning money to give them gifts. The developers contacted YandereDev (Yandere Simulator's creator) asking if they could borrow his leading lady for a cameo, and he said yes!


Yandere-chan (called Ayano in Crush Crush) will be the seventh girl you encounter, and far more difficult to win over than her predecessors. After all, she's the jealous type -- she may have a few questions about all the other girls you're romancing and buying gifts for.



YandereDev also teased a November 1 update, as well as some Halloween surprises.


Crush Crush is available to download free from Steam, and a sandbox build of Yandere Simulator is available to download from the official website.


Source: YandereDev blog




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