"Super Robot Wars V" Trailer Reveals Originals, New Mazin Unit

New Video for 25th Anniversary Game Shows off New and Returning Units

Get ready for another dose of hot-blooded action: Banpresto has released a new nine-minute trailer for Super Robot Wars V, the franchise's 25th Anniversary installment. And it's got all sorts of surprises for fans of giant robot anime.



Besides another look at new and returning franchises, we also get our first look at the Banpresto Originals for this game:



Joining the hangar is the Vangrey, with two possible pilots: Souji Murakumo and Chitose Kisaragi.




And, as it's an anniversary year, you can look forward to two fan-favorite Originals returning to the mix: the Huckebein and the Grungust!




Piloting these units are some new faces on the scene: Vertav Text and Charlotte Hasting.




The video also shows our first in-game footage of the previously announced Mazin Emperor G, piloted by Tetsuya Tsurugi.


And just to make sure you're good and awake, you also get a preview of JAM Project's new theme, "THE EXCEEDER," right at the end.


Super Robot Wars V is due to be released February 23, 2017 in Japan for PS4 and PS Vita.


Source: Otakomu.jp




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