Smart Phones Save the Day in "Monster Strike The Movie" Trailer

Anime movie based on mobile game and Youtube series hits theaters in Japan on December 10, 2016

A full-length trailer is now available online for Monster Strike The Movie, an upcoming theatrical film based on the smart phone physics / puzzle / RPG game by Mixi.



The story of the Monster Strike anime follows Ren Homura, a middle school student who returns to his hometown and reunites with his elementary school friends. Together they play a fantasy game called Monster Strike, but things take a strange turn when the monsters manifest in the real world. Could Monster Strike be the key to Ren recovering his missing childhood memories?



Monster Strike has also been adapted into an ONA series with direction by Kazuya Ichikawa and animation by Studio Hibari and Ultra Super Pictures. This series is published on Youtube.


Monster Strike The Movie is directed by Shinpei Ezaki and features animation by XFlag. The film hits theaters in Japan on December 10, 2016.


Source: Ota-suke


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