"Uma no Prince-sama" Lets You Romance Bishonen-Headed Horses

It's Not Just a Bad Pun... It's an App.

Be sure to read closely when you're downloading apps. If you're not careful, you could think you've just found an UtaPri dating sim and end up feeding carrots to your new equine boyfriend. Or maybe that's what you were looking for in the first place. We don't judge.



Uma no Prince-sama is literally you dating a bishonen horse. Specifically, you play as a young, hardworking woman who goes on vacation at a ranch. There, you discover Yuuma, a gorgeous boy with the body of a horse. Or a horse with the face of a gorgeous boy. It's kind of hard to tell, but it does sound like the sort of thing you'll want to get your story straight on sooner rather than later.



You feed Yuuma carrots to get him to like you. But you can't feed him too many carrots or he'll lose motivation, which you can gain back by talking to him. After you feed him enough carrots to finish a stage, your magical love story progresses to a new level.


Uma no Prince-sama is available to download from the JP Apple store or from Google Play.


Source: NLab




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