"Goblin Slayer" Audio Drama Sample Published

Audio drama to be offered with Japanese release of light novel volume 4

On January 15th, the 4th volume of Goblin Slayer, a (kind of infamous) dark fantasy light novel series by award-winning writer Kumo Kagyu, illustrated by Noburu Kannatsuki, will be released in Japan with a special edition that includes audio drama CD. As this is now available for order, GA Bunko has published a preview of the drama. 




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Original script written by Kagyu Kumo


Goblin Slayer : Yuuichirou Umehara

Priestess : Yui Ogura

High Elf Archer : Nao Toyama

Cow Girl : Yuka Iguchi

Guild Girl : Maaya Uchida

Dwarf Shaman : Yuichi Nakamura

Lizard Priest : Tomokazu Sugita

Sorceress : Yoko Hikasa

Lancer : Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Preview Narration
Yuuichirou Umehara
Yui Ogura

Special Thanks
Chitose Morinaga

Volume 1 of the original novel available December 13, 2016

Volume 1 of the manga adaptation available Spring 2017

New chapters of the manga adaptation release digitally
every month and are available worldwide the same day as Japan!







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